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Reduce your recruitment costs with our 12 Month Licence £4,000

Our 12 Month Licence will help your college to attract quality candidates and reduce your overall recruitment spend.


Some of the features include:

  • Unlimited standard adverts on AoC Jobs for up to 12 Months
  • Jobs shared across our network of job board partners, which includes Indeed and Universal Job Match, plus many more
  • Access to our candidate CV database
  • Jobs emailed to relevant candidates on AoC Jobs database

For more details on the package and how we are helping colleges to attract candidates from Industry, please contact the AoC Jobs team on 020 7034 2634 or

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Why choose AoC Jobs?

AoC Jobs was created to help benefit the sector.

  • Cost effective recruitment solution – Helping our colleges recruit quality candidates, for less.
  • Promoting the FE to candidates from outside the sector – Through dedicated editorial content and industry partnerships.
  • Online marketing campaigns – Helping drive awareness of your roles to both candidates inside and outside the FE sector, through Google, Indeed and Universal Jobmatch, plus many more.
  • Mobile enabled job board – Allowing candidates to easily access the job board and find out more about your roles through their mobile or tablet device.
  • Customer Service – Don’t just take our word on it, read our testimonials below…

We have a variety of advertising options to suit all college budgets.

For more information of our single job posting products or our cost effective job bundle and licence packages, please click on the button below.

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