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The Association of Colleges or AoC is a not-for-profit membership organisation that supports further education colleges to be successful, by representing them at all government levels and acting as the voice of the further education sector.

In January 2014 the AoC ran a survey with our Colleges from which they told us that

  • They were spending millions of pounds on recruitment advertising per year, with little return on their investment
  • They desperately needed to attract fresh talent from outside the further education sector and specifically those with industry skills

As a result, AoC Jobs was launched in September 2014, to help our colleges recruit more staff at a cost-effective price. Becoming one of the fastest growing specialist job boards in the UK and the market leader in further education recruitment.

A key problem for the sector was that talented candidates outside of further education, are not aware of it. Therefore, why would they search for any further education specific job board?  The answer is they wouldn’t.

To address this, we have done three things…

  1. We market jobs out to a wide range of job sites, who in turn promote it through their networks, exponentially increasing the exposure and reach to potential applicants.
  1. We have built partnerships with a range of industry bodies to drive awareness of teaching opportunities in further education.
  1. In addition, those who have our annual subscription package can create talent pool adverts, helping them to pull in more applications from hard to fill areas.

All of this helps us to attract more industry talent to AoC Jobs, helping our colleges to recruit more staff and reduce overall recruitment spend.

Why We are Different

We are uniquely positioned as being part of the Association of Colleges. Unlike typical job boards, we don’t make a commission or exist to make a profit. Everything we make is invested straight back into the sector. This means that your needs are always at the core of what we do.

With many of our customers giving us great feedback on the work that we are doing

Wide Rage of Advertising Options

We offer a wide range of cost-effective advertising options to suit all requirements, from a single standard job advert to an annual licence that gives you unlimited flexibility, for a fixed price.

For more information on advertising options and pricing, please visit our pricing page.

Investing in Innovation

AoC Jobs was the first fully responsive FE job board in the sector. Enabling users to have easy access to the site wherever they are and on whatever device they are using including mobile, tablet or desktop. As a website, we are always looking at new ways to implement new technology to make jobseekers and recruiters lives easier and help deliver a better service.  This includes 

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Please get in touch we would be happy to help.

To start using AoC Jobs, please register a new recruiter account or contact the team on 020 7034 2634